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What Moms Say about Babies and Moms

I'm so happy to have recently found your podcast  while searching iTunes. I listen to them while commuting. I'm a 33yr old 1st time mom of a 10mo. old boy. Although all of my girlfriends have kids it's great to hear what is new and exciting out there by other MOMs outside of my little circle. . .  You ladies are a great resource to all moms out there. Thank you for giving all of us the knowledge to help make it through the day!  Ashley E from CA

"I can't tell you how much I love your show, it has been such a blessing and source of comfort and humor and encouragement to me.  Everything you discuss resonates so powerfully for me."   Monica W

"I get a lot out of hearing about issues that come up with your kids, because no matter how frustrated you are, your main focus is helping your child-- not complaining about your life.  No matter what stresses you have, I always feel like you love your children. Thank you." Kate from CA

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The Mom Podcast  a podcast for moms of kids of all ages

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The Mom Podcast  a podcast for moms of kids of all ages

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