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Meet the hosts of Babies and Moms Radio
  • We are real-life friends who call each other with questions

  • We've got 19 kids among us (Stacey has almost half of those)

  • We're addicted to chocolate

  • We host Babies and Moms to inform, but also because we'd be talking to each other anyway

  • We're CEMs (Chief Executive Moms) and two of us work other jobs so we understand Moms working in the house and in the workplace

  • We don't have all the answers but we'll try to help (send us show ideas)

  • We love to hear from other moms and we answer our own email

  • We want to raise the status of motherhood

  • We can't wait to share what we learn


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Nancy Nancy is mom to a boy and a girl. She is founder of Sign Babies and author of the award-winning book Baby Signing 1, 2, 3: The Easy-to-Use Illustrated Guide to Every Age and Every Stage and the new board book  More Please. Nancy loves being a mom and running her own business. She loves finding the best solutions for moms and often calls her friends when she needs some info!

 Tricia is a proud mother of two. She  teaches parents how to sign with their babies on weekends. She loves signing with her kids and seeing the benefits it has played in her family's life. She also loves to shop, so it's not surprising she is labeled "Inspect-A-Gadget" as she is always in search of the best new product out there! 

Lindsay is our newest host.  She is the mom of a one year-old and comes from a medical background.  She recently moved cross-country to a new community and shares great insights on being a first-time mom.  Lindsay loves being a Babies and Moms host because she learns something every week!

ShellyShelly's first children were twin girls. She now has six children ages 16 to 4. She is a no-nonsense Southern woman who has learned to find joy in motherhood... and humor in just about everything. She can stretch a dollar, grow a tomato, play the guitar, and make the best biscuits any side of the Mississippi. Her husband loves her for her brilliant mind.

StaceyStacey is mom to nine kids ranging from 16 to just born.  Stacey loves theater and singing and has been in several productions and performs with her family's folk band on a regular basis. Stacey is trying to simplyfy her life this year by keeping her kids' activities down and spending more time with each other.   

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