What Mom is Worth: Dollars and Sense

Every mother has had a day where she throws up her hands and says, “It’s just not worth it!” Well, she probably isn’t talking about the monetary compensation plan, but today we actually are going to address just what a mom is worth in dollars and cents. And we ask the question: Does it make sense (SENSE) to be a mom? We believe the answer is YES! but you don’t have to take our word for it. Let’s talk about it. Continue reading “What Mom is Worth: Dollars and Sense”

Anna Signs Light

So you might just say this is an over-zealous parent trying to prove that their baby can sign but take a look! She was really signing a lot that morning so I had to shoot this video. She is trying to say “light” and sign it. This is one of her favorite signs. And remember, she is only 8 months old! Her coordination is not all together, but she really wants to express herself.

Realistic Tips for Dealing with Stress

We aren’t talking about PREVENTING STRESS– that is more long term. We are talking about RELIEVING STRESS that creeps up on you and makes you cranky and unhappy. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

Your baby will respond to your stress. Your stress can build her distress and the cycle spirals out of control. Show her how well you can manage it. You don’t want her to grow up to be stressed out like you! Continue reading “Realistic Tips for Dealing with Stress”