Must-have Items for Moms

Today’s show is about How to sign with Your Baby  and Must Have Items for Moms!

#1 – Hand Sanitizer Purell, GermX, and PureWorks Antibacterial Foam  are top picks.PureWorks not only has antibacterial moisturizing foam, but antibacterial lotion, soap and a surface cleaner. Love it!!!

#2 – Aquaphor Healing OintmentThis comes in a tub or a tube and you use it INSTEAD of diaper ointment. It is for excema or rough skin, but it creates the best barrier for preventing diaper rash. I recommend the tube because when you only have 1 hand available, its a little easier to get the ointment out and apply with very little mess. The tub must be screwed off and the chance of baby getting a foot loose and plopping it right into the container is great (personal experience).

#3 – HumidifierUltrasonic humidifiers produce a micro-fine mist when water is passed over an ultrasonic nebuliser (high frequency vibrating apparatus). With proper cleaning, it reduces the amount of bacterial spores that can be found using a warm and cool mist humidifier. Walmart sells a ReliOn brand for around $30 and I love it!

#4 – Vibrating BouncerIt doesnt matter what brand or what it looks like, just make sure it vibrates. They say vibrating simulates a car ride. Many mothers say that they would much rather have a vital organ removed than give up their bouncer. The most popular brand would be made by Fisher Price. Also it grows with them and can be used as a feeding chair when the get older.

#5 – Disposable BibsPampers Pocket Bibsters or Pibs Disposable Bibs at they fit on a standard paper towel holder.

#6 – Lansinoh LanolinA definite must-have for all nursing mothers! It takes a while for both our baby and us (unless you are plain good) to get the hang of the whole breastfeeding thing. During that time, our main food source to our babies can be quite sore! Lansinoh Lanolin helps repair and keeps them soft to eliminate cracking. Ouch!

#7 – Nursing PadsEven if you don’t decide to nurse, you will likely need these until your milk dries up. For those who choose to nurse, there are many of us who know that there is nothing worse than a leak! Keep them handy and always take extra! Two types – disposable and reusable. The best disposable according to moms would be the Lansinoh brand and then Johnson & Johnson. Medela, Avent and Gerber make reusable pads.

#8 – Crib Sheets/Mattress PadYou wake up to your baby hungry and dirty from head to toe. The real trick is how do you change the explosion, get them fed, and change the sheets without turning on the light to completely wake them up. Easy! The Ultimate Crib Sheet! It’s a miracle! Found at Babies R Us and internet sites.

#9 – Well stocked FirstAid Kit

  • Infant Tylenol, Infant Motrin, Childrens Benedril (get chart from doctor regarding)
  • baby clippers with a long ribbon attached to find easily
  • rectal digital thermometer
  • Petrolium Jelly for lubricating rectal thermometer
  • Saline nose drops
  • Nose bulb from hospital
  • Aquaphor
  • Check you local Red Cross for Infant First Aid book and Infant CPR card, Index card with important numbers (i.e., doctor, poison control, hospital).

#10 – Well stocked Diaper Bag

For Baby:

  • list of contents in bag for easy checking before leaving
  • Satalite Bag that holds diapers, full travel container wipes, changing pad or lap pad, Aquaphor, and a couple Ziploc sandwich bag to put soiled diapers. (check out the bags at:
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • travel-sized lotion
  • Infant Tylenol
  • small pair of folded Scissors
  • extra pacifier in Ziploc bag
  • travel-size tissue
  • receiving blanket
  • extra onesies for complete blowouts
  • plastic containers with pre-measured formula
  • bottles filled with filtered water
  • couple of burp cloths
  • extra thermometer

For Mom:

  • Tide Wipes
  • Nursing Pads
  • Bottle of water and granola bar

3 Replies to “Must-have Items for Moms”

  1. Tricia has a great list. Here are some of my favorite items from making it through 6 babies. ~Shelly

    Ziploc bags- How did people live without these before? Use a large one to stash soiled clothes. Keep a spare pacifier clean in a snack sized bag. Use a sandwich size as a baby wipes container that takes up very little space.

    Disposable bottle bags- I have always used the disposable bottle systems. You can store bags filled with pre-measured formula powder and then put them on your bottle holder when you are ready and fill with water you carry with you. Carry an extra clean nipple with you and you’ll be ready to go for a long excursion with just one bottle holder and a couple of clean nipples.

    Receiving blankets for swaddling- Actually it seems like I always have too many of these. But swaddling your baby is so essential for keeping them comfortable during those first 3 months. If it is hot weather during this time, get some blankets made from thin sheet material. I guess it’s more of a “sheet” and not a blanket, but the purpose is keeping baby snuggly swaddled so they feel secure.

    A and D ointment – It has worked well for me to cure diaper rash. There is a new kind that resembles Desitin. It isn’t the same. I prefer the clear kind.

    Baby monitor – houses are bigger than they used to be. You have to stay within earshot of your baby. This broadens your roam capacity.

    Bouncy seat – They are great but I don’t like just about every kind sold now. I once had a simple wire frame bouncy seat that was flexible enough to move naturally with small movements from baby. It didn’t need BATTERIES–can you believe? Could some manufacturer out there start selling a simple wire frame seat again?

    Hand scrubber brushes from the hospital –excellent for washing baby’s hair and brushing it into shape. Keeps cradle cap under control.

    Bulb syringe – learn how to use it safely from the hospital nurses.

    Burp cloths – Babies have “stuff” coming out of both ends. Cloth diapers are indispensable in protecting babies clothes, your clothes, furniture, carpet, and grandma’s fancy blouse.

    Nursing pads – you will only need them for the first 4-6 weeks of nursing. Whatever kind you get, they should have a molded cup shape. The flat ones are never discreet enough. If you feel a badly timed let-down coming on, press into the nipple area with your arm (like you are folding your arms tightly) and it will stop the let down. Your body will eventually get used to when it needs to let down and when it shouldn’t.

  2. On my list of MUST = HAVEs especially early in the first year:
    1. Baby Carrier: Started out with the Baby Bjorn when my daughter was very very small (probably 0-4 months) then moved on to a wrap (I chose the Moby) which is more comfortable for a larger child (15# plus)
    2. Bottle sterilizer: I exclusively breastfed but was a working mom after the first 2 months. I could not have lived without the First Year Bottle Sterilizer. Makes cleaning the bottles at the end of the day much easier than the water boiling in a pot.
    3. Receiving blankets for swaddling: Don’t need to get all fancy… any fabric will work but make sure that it’s tight and not too stretchy for the little ones

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