How Language is Formed and How to Praise Your Child

We share how language is formed and how to praise your child.

There are actually more than a few things your baby has to learn to be able to speak and one of them is acquire language–which is different from speech. Did you know that? Continue reading “How Language is Formed and How to Praise Your Child”

Having Joy as a Mom and Teaching Joy to Kids

Linda Eyre–author of Teaching Your Children Joy  and Teaching Your Children Values, #1 on The New York Times best-seller list–discusses how you can become a Mother of Joy and how you can teach your children to have Joy

Linda is a prolific author. She and her husband Richard have partnered throughout their lives together and whether they are parenting, writing or being on national TV , they have accomplished amazing things for families around the world, creating a preschool curriculum called Joy School and authoring several books as well. Continue reading “Having Joy as a Mom and Teaching Joy to Kids”

Reading and Signing and Sun Care

We discuss Our Favorite Products,  Reading and Signing–Feeling like an Octopus, and Sun Care for Mom and Baby

    Jane Clayson Johnson–The Real Value of Mothers

    We talk to Jane Clayson Johnson, the former host of the CBS Early Show. She shatters the myths of Motherhood and give us the credit we all deserve.

    Save Money (Things You Don’t Need)

    Authors Denise and Alan Fields of Baby Bargains are here to discuss things you don’t need to purchase for your baby so you can save money. Denise and Alan have been on Oprah to discuss the savings they help parents find.

    Continue reading “Save Money (Things You Don’t Need)”