Baby Wearing and Signing Updates

This segment we talked with Heather Ledeboer from about the benefits of “wearing your baby”. Along with the baby wearing products out there that best suit us and our lifestyles.

The idea behind baby wearing has many benefits for your baby, such as: less crying, they learn more because they experience the world through the mothers eyes, an increase in IQ, and it has shown to exhibit a reduction in colic and spit-up with increased cardiac output and improved circulation. Continue reading “Baby Wearing and Signing Updates”

Anna Signs Music

The sign MUSIC is made by swishing your hand back and forth over your arm like you are conducting. However, Anna just swings her arm around.  The funny thing is, she first signed MUSIC by shaking her head because some contestant on American Idol was shaking her head while she sang.  You can see her shake her head and then sign MUSIC.


Importance of Bonding and Fathers

We talk about the importance of bonding with Diana Kimber of the Family Center of Utah Valley.  Did you know that bonding in the first three years can affect everything your baby does from the time she walks to the way she acts in high school. Then we talk about Fathers and how they can have a positive effect in a child’s life.  Learn how important and how to help your man be a better father.

We’ll also talk about two products we like:

The Clean Shopper


ImStillMe Diaper Bag


Anna Signs BIRD!

Proud Mama–Check this baby out at 11 months!  She has started her signing cluster and this is another in the many signs she is learning and signing now (including shoe, dog, tree, light, more, milk, eat, and more)