Interpreting Signs, Swim Suit Sun Protection, and Sleep Solutions

Learn how to interpret your baby’s signs, swim suits and sun protection for the pool, and how to get baby to sleep after interruptions to schedules with Jami Kent of BBSleepSolutions.

Solar Eclipse Hat

Our Picks for Suits:

We love UV protective suits from Solar Eclipse and One Step Ahead for different reasons–and also their coverups.  Listen and 2piecesuit.jpglearn about what our opinions are and check out these suites.

Solar Eclipse was started by a woman whose husband died of pinksuit.jpgmelanoma.  We tried their 2 piece and 1 piece suits as well as a woman’s coverup.  The suits are pricey, but worth it. They have so much coverup and UV protection that they are a great investment. Tricia loves the play coverup.  Listen to the entire discussion–it is really interesting.  And Alex loves the hat!

suits.gifA less expensive alternative is One Step Ahead and their Sun Smarties clothes and shoes. The suits we tried had less shoes.gifprotection, but were comfortable.  We use this suit when the sun is setting and we are out at the pool.