Baby Wearing and Signing Updates

This segment we talked with Heather Ledeboer from about the benefits of “wearing your baby”. Along with the baby wearing products out there that best suit us and our lifestyles.

The idea behind baby wearing has many benefits for your baby, such as: less crying, they learn more because they experience the world through the mothers eyes, an increase in IQ, and it has shown to exhibit a reduction in colic and spit-up with increased cardiac output and improved circulation.

The benefits for moms to wear your babies are: accessibility to nurse with the carrier, shop without a bulky stroller, and to just keep yourself hands free and get things done around the house!

The following products are there to fit every mothers needs and lifestyles:

Pouch Slings – We tested and LOVE the sling from!  With their cute fabric choices and ease of use features, we were SOLD!  The sling holds babies from birth to 35 lbs.  Sara is VERY helpful in helping you to find the right size that works just for you!  Kiera loves it so much that she will bring it to me when she wants me to carry her.  Check out our Top Picks page.

Wrap Carriers

Baby K’tan is shaped in a figure 8.  Made of 100% cotton with no buckles, rings, or clasps.  It holds your baby and toddler from birth to 40 lbs.  We also tested this product and each of our testers loved this for it’s versitility it gives mothers to carry their baby. One tester (mother of 3 under 18 months) said that it has been a blessing and can’t imagine life without the Baby K’tan!  “It was love at first carry.” she said.  With 5 different positions to carry your child, it works for any mother.

Moby Wrap or Moby D – This carrier is a wide piece of fabric that is wrapped over both sholders and tied at your waist.  There are also no buckles, snaps or other fasteners with make wearing simple.  this wrap fits all sizes of baby wearers and babies from preemie to 35 lbs.  Our tester that tried this wrap liked it quite a bit as it kept the baby very secure. However, it was not as easy to get in and out of for quick trips to the stores.  You might want to check out a Slingling or Baby K’tan for those trips.

Maya Wrap or Rockin’ Baby – These slings will adjust for both the size of the wearer and the size of the baby.  The tail is great for privacy when breastfeeding and to sheild your baby from the sun like a blanket.  These wraps will hold baby from birth to 35 lbs.  We weren’t able to test these wraps but have spoken to mothers who really love them.

Heather also has a sling comparison chart on her website that helps you to make the right choice for your needs.

For information on wearing twins go to: or

Also in the show we talk to Stacey about her experience of signing with Spencer and how things are going.  We’ve also got some great tips for family life so listen to the show where we learn and grow together (Remember, we are live each Friday at 11:30 am Eastern on and we often give things away!)