Signing Time and Preschools

st_rachel.jpgRachel Coleman of Signing Time joins us to talk about signing with babies and toddlers. We will give away Signing Time DVDs so listen to the LIVE show ( and call in and win at 9:30 am Mountain/11:30 Eastern. We will also be discussing finding a preschool for your toddler and how to do a preschool at home. For more home preschool information, see the JoySchool website Also check out Show 14 to meet the creator of Joy School, Linda Eyre. Continue reading “Signing Time and Preschools”

Tooth Care, Tooth Brushes, and Signing with Baby

Dr. Kerry Maguire,  Director of Public Advocacy with Tom’s of Maine talked with us about dental health for your baby.  We also talk about tooth brushes we have tested and the amazing things your baby will tell you when she can sign.  Plus lots more fun info. 

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Continue reading “Tooth Care, Tooth Brushes, and Signing with Baby”

Resale Stores and Traveling in Cars with Kids

We talk with Cathy Marks on how to buy and sell clothing and other items at resale stores like Children’s Orchard.  Then, Stacey gives us tips about traveling with kids in cars for long distances–just in time for your end-of-summer road trip.  We’ll also catch up with all the hosts on whose baby is signing what and how life is going as well as discuss a few great products we have found.  Continue reading “Resale Stores and Traveling in Cars with Kids”