Etiquette, Birth Order and THE Solution to Chapped Hands

We talk about Etiquette with Babies and Toddlers with Ellen Reddik of Impact Factory. We all discuss our chapped hands and the solutions we have found and LOVE and then Stacey discusses birth order. The sound quality is lower on this show because we had to talk over the phone due to a snowstorm. But the content is REALLY great.

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HappyBaby’s Healthy Meal Creations for the Whole Family

Wild Oats Cooking Class at 6:30 pm
Friday, February 8th: Fort Union Wild Oats, 6930 South Highland Drive and Tuesday, February 19th: Park City Wild Oats, 1736 Redstone Center Dr (Kimballl Junction)  Admission is free and participants will receive a coupon valid at any Wild Oats store.  NOTE: If you are not in the SLC area, check your local Wild Oats or Happy Baby for more information on classes in your area. Continue reading “HappyBaby’s Healthy Meal Creations for the Whole Family”

Temperament, Signing and Nursing Covers

We talk with Claire Lerner from ZERO to THREE about your child’s temperament, an update on signing and what to do in specific situations, and nursing covers and which ones work well. This show really ROCKS! Continue reading “Temperament, Signing and Nursing Covers”