Power Struggles Learning Boundaries and more with Claire Lerner

We spend the most amazing hour talking with Claire Lerner, the Director of Parent Education for Zero to Three.org. Zero to Three is a national nonprofit multidisciplinary organization that supports the healthy development and well-being of infants, toddlers and their families. Claire is also an adviser for Sesame Street.  Claire is amazing at answering questions and giving great advice that helps everyone!


(Picture: Nancy, Claire, Tricia, Shelly)

Spring Cleaning, Kids’ Shoes, Signing with Kids

120×115_emilie.jpgWe talk to Laura Lawrence about how to break cleaning down into manageable pieces, the shoes we love and have tested, and signing with our kids–how are things going.

Here is the promised video of Anna walking with the Squeaker Sneakers.  I lost her original one (the first day she wore them) by doing the typical accidental recording over.  She is still a bit unstable in this video, but you can see how she walks and squeaks.  My husband and I LOVE hearing the squeak.  It is really cute and comforting to know where she is now that she is mobile.  We call it our homing device.

Potty and Bath Tools, Back to Exercise, Birthing

static-ad-125×125.gifWe talk with Heather of Mom4Life about Potty Training and Bathing Products created by moms to make time in the bathroom better. We talk with Lisa Druxman, founder of Stroller Strides and author of Lean Mommy about how to get back to the Exercise Routine. And Shelly shares some very enlightened birthing information that is from all the way back in the 1950’s! You will be amazed! We also introduce our You Know You are a Mom If Contest. Enter to win a custom made necklace from Circle of Sentiments! Listen to us on Babies and Moms Radio or in iTunes! Continue reading “Potty and Bath Tools, Back to Exercise, Birthing”