Digital Scrapbooking–What Actually Works

memoriessuite.jpgWe’d love to make perfect scrapbooks and DVDs, but we are short on time. So we tested several products to look for the ones we love. Listen and learn what works–what digital scrapbooking will do for you and what it won’t. We found ONE product that we universally love and which creates stunning pages in a fraction of the time and with less effort than any of us thought.

Dealing with Conflict

fights.jpgShould you fight in front of the kids or not? How can you teach kids to resolve their conflicts? Julie Haupt, instructor of Family Life at BYU discusses how to deal with the conflicts in your family.

Getting Your Child Into A Routine

We talk with Claire Lerner, director of Zero to Three about getting into a Routine after summer or when any change takes place. We cover how to help them adjust to you going back to work or a new school experience.

Listen to hear Claire’s offer to our listener. If you are a Claire fan, you will be excited to hear this.

Make Believe with Kids

Worried if you should introduce your child to Santa or the Easter Bunny? Does your child think Arial is a real person or that the clown fish at the doctor’s office is Nemo and can talk? Learn if there are issues that might be harmful to your kids if they believe in the Make Believe.

Hair: First Cuts, Bows, and More

Hair Stylist Ashlee Wilcken joins us to discuss baby hair, first cuts, bows, curly hair versus straight hair. Learn if you can do something to lose your baby’s curly hair and if expensive shampoos are good for kids. Also, learn what is wrong with tear-free shampoos and products we suggest instead of the yellow shampoo bottle.

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