Birth Announcements–Get Creative

Having a baby soon? It is never too soon to start thinking about how you want to announce your child’s birth. Take time before your baby comes to plan and you will have less stress. We talk about alternatives and ideas including some really creative ones!

Other Moms’ Signing Experiences

Here is an email we received from Rachel :

I just finished listening to the latest episode on baby signing and wanted to generally report on our progress and a specific thrill we had.  When Elizabeth, our newly three year old, was small, we only taught her more, all done, go, and fish.  She started talking at 9 months, so those few words were sufficient to keep her from being frustrated, and she’s a super smart and beautifully behaved (and almost fully potty trained thanks to you guys) little girl today.

Well, our 14 month old Lillian has a stronger will.  A much stronger will and a lot less patience for the time it might take you to figure out what she wants.  So baby sign has been invaluable.  And she’s started saying a lot of the words at the same time as she does the sign, so I’ve been kind of quizzing her.  I say “What’s this?” and make the sign for ball.  And she says “Bah!” and looks very pleased with herself.  Or I say, “Lilli, what’s the sign for wind?”  And she does it.  We do that for most of her signs and it helps me be certain that when she’s “talking” to me I know what she’s saying since she doesn’t do every sign exactly the way it’s done in the book.  And she does do some things her own way.  She does the sign for “grandpa” and says “Papa” at the same time.  But when she sees my mom she makes the sign for Grandpa and says “Mam Mam”.  Anyway though, our big excitement this weekend is that she finally started signing and saying “hot”. I know its an easy sign, but she’d never do it before.  But now that she does that, we finally know that the reason she sometimes just stares at food we put in front of her and then stares at us and shakes her head violently, is because she thinks its hot.  Invaluable I tell you!  I tell everybody about baby sign and about Baby Signing 1 2 3, and also show them the “More Please” book that I won (thanks again!) and how Lilli can sign it to herself just like she’s reading it.

So thanks yet again for the show and all your hard work on it.  I look forward to seeing it pop up in my download queue every time.


Here is a cute video from one of our other listeners (Parker gets into Teddy Grahams  and the sign MORE).

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