Creating a House of Learning

Is it important to create a learning environment even when your child is 1-3 years old? We talk to Dr. Jeanette Jacobs from the BYU School of Family Life about this topic and what you can do to help your child have a desire to learn throughout her life.

Moving to a New Community

New friend Lindsay tells about moving cross-country to a new community where she had no friends. Many moms face this dilemma and she shares how she found her place and a set of friends (plus shares her horrific moving experience).

Digital Scrapbooking–the BEST EVER

Sharlene Hawks talks to us about our FAVORITE digital software called My Memories Suite. This software is so flexible that you can do everything with it. Tricia makes posters, programs, and much more with this software that takes only a few minutes to use. It is cheap and easy! Listen and learn more (and know that we are not paid to talk about this software–we get nothing for this so it is our honest opinion). Continue reading “Digital Scrapbooking–the BEST EVER”