Spring Cleaning: Kathy Peel

Kathy Peel, America’s Family Manager, talks to us about spring cleaning and creating strong relationships with our husbands by dividing the workload.

MomBlogs To Learn and Enjoy

Tricia shares her top MomBlogs to inspire, educate, and uplift you.  We discuss all of them and their merits and what we have learned in them.

We also tell you how to win FREE stuff from Give Away Today (another Mom Blog) including Sign Babies ASL Flash Cards.

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Less Cost and Better Meal Plans

We discuss Menus4Moms.com and how this subscription helps save money, create better meals, and stop the drive thru habit.  With the economy in shambles, this is one way to get on top of the grocery budget.

Do Toddlers REALLY Test Boundaries?

Claire Lerner of Zero to Three discusses whether or not toddlers are really trying to push your boundaries or are trying to learn about the world.  We discuss reactions, punishment, how to praise and ways for both mom and child to learn.  The info in this show will make you a better mom.

Dynamics of Adding a New Baby

Claire Lerner of Zero to Three discusses how to help a first child deal with a new baby.  This is an amazing discussion and includes some incredible insights and some practical tips from us moms on what to do.  If you are thinking about having a second or third or forth child, you should listen to this show.