Surprises for a New Mom who is a Doctor

We talk to our listener Andrea who is a family doctor in Canada about the surprises she encountered as a new mom.  Even as a Doc, she was surprised about some common ailments we all go through with our kids.  Listen and learn

A Mother’s Trip to Iraq

Charlene Wells tells about her experience going to Iraq to meet with the Troops and deliver school supplies to children in Iraq.  This is a fabulous show to listen to any time but especially on Memorial Day! Remember that no matter what your position on the war, Americans are risking their lives everyday in our name so hear what they are up to!

Organic Veggies–Why Important

We talk to Carlyn, a listener, soon-to-be-mom and organic farmer about the importance of Organic. We talk about what are the most important veggies and fruits to choose organic and what is best to do. Learn about the Dirty Dozen most pesticide-ridden foods.

Birthday Madness

princesses.jpgTricia and Nancy talk about ideas for a girl’s third birthday party. We talk about the Cricut machine and making cake pops. Check out these pictures and links: Continue reading “Birthday Madness”

Vaccination: The Medical View

We’ve heard the possible issues with vaccinations, but why are they still important?  Learn what they do and don’t do for us.