More Digital Scrapbooking Ideas and Tips

Charlene Wells of My Memories Suite answers our questions about the product and we talk about our projects. Learn what you can do in minutes not hours and learn how to save 25% of retail!

Connecting with Grandparents

We talk to author Cheri Fuller about her book Connecting with Your Grandkids.  Then we talk to Lindsay’s mom about how she connects with her grandkids and what she thought of the book.  Cheri also hosts a blog called Nandy’s House for grandparents.

Preemies and What We Learn from Them

Even if you don’t think you will have a preemie, you should be prepared because 20% of babies are premature.  Deb Discenza, founder of Preemie Magazine, creator of PreemieWorld website and author of and a preemie parenting book talks about what to expect if you have a preemie or near term baby. Deb is also the Director of Partnership for MOST (Mothers of Supertwins) and PreemieCare and is a Column Editor for the Neonatal Network Journal.