Snowmageddon–The Best Snow Removal Tools We found

If you happen to be caught in Snowmageddon, you might need a super-duper snow removal tool.  Even if you are not in Snowmageddon, if you get snow each year, you need a good tool because let’s face it, more often than not a woman removes the snow (don’t know how that happened, but it is always that way around here).

Last year, Nancy started the search for the perfect tool and this year, she found one–a bit pricy, but worth every penny:  The Masi Nova Snow Pusher.  This innovative baby comes from Finland where they get tons of snow and it works WONDERS!   First off, I used it on a day when we got 6 inches of snow and I was able to clean off my 4-car driveway and do the sidewalks in less time than my neighbor could snow-blow his 3 car driveway.


It takes a bit of a learning curve because you never lift the snow like with a shovel:  You push it with your body weight to a location and dump it.  So, my back never hurt.  But, I designated a location to move the snow (we were building a sledding hill) and easily moved the snow to one location (the plow slides easily so you can move a large amount of snow without breaking a sweat). There is a so-so YouTube Video, but it shows you how it works.

Honestly, the Masi Nova is so much fun, that my hubby came out and tried it AFTER I finished the entire driveway, walk and sidewalk.  He liked it so much that he did our neighbor’s driveway and the rest of the sidewalk to the end of the street. Then, the next day when it snowed, he got up early to be the first one to use it (no exaggeration).  Now that is worth the $80 price tag right there if your hubby gets up early to shovel!

The snow does not stick to this plow and I hardly got a workout from using it because it was so easy.  And it stored in our shed easily even though it moves about 5 times more snow in each pass as a shovel (it almost clears the entire sidewalk width in one pass).

You can purchase from the US-based Masi dealer ( /  Cell  917-518-4791 / Adress  Kari Tikkanen / 138W 4th Str / West Islip / NY 11795) or you can search online and find it at several online stores (see Primo Shop for more info and pictures) .

There are other snow plows (also called scoops) made by other companies but I like this one for its size and durability.  Even though it costs more, the construction means it will last longer than the cheaper ones.  Also, other people use it for other yard chores like scooping the horse poop or gathering up branches.   You will see in their comments (you can do a Google search for more info).

Shelly also liked the Masi Nova.  She has a shovel she likes as well called the Blizzard Buster.   blizzardbuster.jpg

Getting your hands on this shovel is really hard to do, but Shelly swears it is wortht he $30-40 price.  You have to know the model number to find one online ( SEY PP100).   She likes it because it easily pushes snow out of the way without back pain.  When Nancy tried it, it was very good for a shovel, but she is in love with the Masi Nova and won’t go back.

Maternity Program Insurance Ends Feb 12–Hurry

I wanted to get the word out about a real program that several of my friends have participated in: AFLAC insurance that covers you after you have a baby.

The program is ending on Feb 12, 2010 so if you are planning on having a baby this year or you know someone, please forward this info to them along with contact info for a great person who can help them understand the program. For a monthly payment of $117, AFLAC pays out $3-4,000 in benefits but you must start the policy BEFORE you become pregnant.IMPORTANT: THIS IS A REAL PROGRAM AND I GET NO MONEY FOR PASSING THIS INFO ON TO YOU.

You can set up an appointment by contacting Julie Ellis directly at: 801-735-9691 or by sending an email at

Please let Julie know that you got the info from me so that she knows we sent this email out. If you already have this insurance, then you are OK. Your coverage will remain in force. However, if you decide to cancel this policy, then you will be unable to get this again.The number one way couples have learned about this insurance is from a friend sharing the news that Aflac pays cash after having a baby! The problem is that we don’t know if our friends and family are trying to have a baby until it’s too late. So, PLEASE forward this email to them, so they can take advantage of this insurance before it’s gone.