Organizing the Pantry

Organizing expert Laura Lawrence and the MOM Podcast (Moms on a Mission) hosts discuss how to get your pantry organized.  Laura is the host of The Organized Woman show. Check out Nancy’s Before and After Pantry Pictures.

Here is the mess before.  See how I used baskets but did not keep everything straight.



I put it all on the counter in categories so I could see how many I had of things (6 cans of coconut milk).


Here is the pantry without anything.  See the lazy susans that Laura suggested?  I got mine at Ikea for only $7 each (one of the only things I bought to do this renovation even though I really wanted to go shopping!)


After some organization and purging, I got it to a manageable pile I could put back in.  I even had enough room to bring up other things from my basement storage.


See the smile on my face!  I have been able to keep it up for a month so the future looks good!


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  1. Way to go Nancy! That is definite proof that this method works. Just finished listening to this episode on my way back from my lunch hour at home. Feeling inspired… Thanks for all that you do!

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