Baby Sleep with Jami Kent

Sleep Consultant Jami Kent discusses common questions related to baby sleep, including how to transition from swaddling.  She also shares with us the importance of customizing sleep schedules for each individual child’s sleep needs.

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A New Way To Look at the World: Photography

Shelly discusses how to look at things in a different way and spell your family name with things around your house or in a building.  Nancy interviews an expert on taking beach photos.  Make sure you check out the photos on the website to see the great results and read comments from Steffani on her reactions!

These are Shelly’s Results:


These are our friend Steffani’s results and her comments about how this has helped her kids:

“I let them each child take the camera and find things around the house that could look like the letters in their first name. After they took the pictures, we edited them on our computer, cropping them so that the most important part was revealing the letter.  It was a ton of fun.  I have our last name one printed up in a small oblong frame and underneath “Packer” it says, “Home is where the most important things happen” because all of the things we used for our letters were found in our own home. I want to have their first names printed out in 4×6 and deco-page them to wooden blocks to put in their room.  That part hasn’t happened yet.  But . . .  I have noticed that the kids (after doing this–even CY) are always pointing things out as we drive or go places.  “Hey, that looks like an M! or  K!”  I think it is helpful in their brain development and creativity to think outside the box.


Bringing a Child Home for School

Stacey talks about her courageous decision to bring one child home from school.  This is a great discussion about listening to the needs of your child and helping them become the best person they can be.