Get Energy and Lose Weight

for-women-book-smThe creators of Kristi Approved, a program that includes all of Stacey’s rules for getting healthy and losing weight, chat with us.  If you are struggling to get back you body, listen up and learn how to Live the Life.  This show is packed with 7 Keys for Success and how you can start right now using the Life the Life FREE 7-day start plan.

The MOM Podcast hosts will be using this program and will be reporting on their successes in upcoming shows.   If you are interested in this topic, email us and join our Fit Moms discussion by email.  We email to each other with results every Friday.

Where are Nancy, Shelly and Stacey?

Nancy, Shelly and Stacey are now the hosts of a great new podcast called The MOM Podcast.  This show discusses the MOM Podcast and what is coming up!  Be sure to tune in–now you have two great podcasts to listen to! Please rate our podcasts in iTunes so other moms will see them and iTunes will feature them!

Link to MOM Podcast in iTunes

Sibling Squabbles Part 1

Claire Lerner from Zero to Three joins us to talk about what to do when you kids fight and how to help that one child who seems to always stir up the issues.  This is a MOM Podcast show.

Check out The MOM Podcast Shows

We’ve got our new podcast up and running.  Check it out at or search for us on iTunes (MOM Podcast) or use this iTunes Feed. The show now starts having new topics (we’ve been posting the MOM Podcast on Babies and Moms while Lindsay took care of sick kids and Tricia had her baby).  So, check out our topics:

  • Claire Lerner talks about sibling squabbles
  •  Digital Nation and how our children’s lives will be different
  • When to start an instrument
  • Ending homework struggles
  • The best way to lose weight
  • Attachment Parenting
  • Protecting your child’s motivation
  • What to do with your parenting partner parents differently

Join Shelly, Stacey and Nancy for exciting shows!

Dealing with Death

Laura Wellington, creator of the Wumblers, discusses how to talk to children about death and how she turned tragedy into triumph. Laura’s story of personal tragedy and how she helped her children through the experience will give you insight into how you might deal with a similar situation.  Being prepared to know how to talk with your children (even though we hope you never have to) can ease the burden you might face. Also, learn how Laura’s creation, the Wumblers, is helping teach values to children!