What That Cry Means

Understanding your baby can be as simple as interpreting his cries.  From Nancy’s book, Baby Signing 1, 2, 3, Shelly read about Priscilla Dunstan and her ability to interpret baby cries to understand what it is that babies need.  After testing her baby language theory on more than 1,000 infants around the world, Priscilla says there are five words that all babies 0–3 months old say—regardless of race and culture;

  • Neh=”I’m hungry”
  • Owh=”I’m sleepy”
  • Heh=”I’m experiencing discomfort”
  • Eair=”I have lower gas”
  • Eh=”I need to burp”

Learn to listen to baby talk in this video footage here>.

One Reply to “What That Cry Means”

  1. I was very excited about this DVD And ordered while I was pregnant about 6 months ago (heard about it on pregtastic podcast that I listened to before this one). My husband and I put a lot of faith in this language and I wish I could say it all worked out. I feel though we ignored our intuition about our baby in leu of trying to figure out what she was ‘saying.’ There were so many times though that I think it would have just been easier to notice eye rubbing, yawns, crabbiness etc instead of ‘owl’ when she was tired. I only note this because honestly I think this DVD did more harm than good for us- ended up feeding my baby constantly because she keep saying ‘neh’ as an infant, ok she’s hungry, feed her. 15 minutes later repeat. Before we knew it I was exhausted trying to feed her constantly and she didn’t want to do anything but nurse. Just my experience though.

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