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 MothersClick.com is the world's first social network and online service provider developed exclusively for active moms and their groups. It's a free online tool designed to be a unique parenting resource, helping moms to promote group-building, knowledge-sharing, and community.

This Community gives mothers the ability to communicate with others outside of their group, regardless of geography. The sharing of "mommy wisdom" is truly global.  Share with us your wisdom and ask your question.  

The best thing about our group is that you can choose how you want to receive info and post info--through emails, digests, or through a bulliten board.   It works into your life.

Use the site to connect with other women in your Community and start a Babies and Moms Playgroup.  You can even use the Lesson Plans provided by the United Way to enhance your time together.

In our group, you can ask questions, get ideas, start playgroups and have a WONDERFUL TIME!

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Learn more about our Playgroup Cirriculum Created by the United Way of Utah County

We Parter with United Way of Utah County

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