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Being a Fit Mom means having balance in three areas:  Physical, Mental and Spiritual.  All the Hosts of Babies and Moms are starting a Fit Mom program on June 1, 2007.  We will share with you what we learn, how we progress, and what we want to do better at.  Each of us has things we want to work on. 


I will become a more Fit Mom in all three areas. I want to get back to a pre-pregnancy weight and get even more fit. I am working to lose 70 pounds and get back to being more active for my kids. I also want to find more time for my own mental stimulation and work on my daily contact with God.

I have issues with my hormones, so I am also going through treatment for hypothyroidism and several other hormone issues. I am using herbs and vitamins to also help my body replenish itself and restore it to balance so that I can lose weight. You can't lose weight with hormone issues so if you have had struggles with hormones and weight, make sure you are working with a doctor who understands the issues (don't suppose that your current doctor does--mine didn't).

UPDATE:  Since June 1, 2007, I have lost 30 pounds (October 1, 2007) and have finally gotten over the hump I was on for over a month by starting a new thing--now I am drinking Green Smoothies and doing the Green Smoothie Challenge.  You can see more about what I am doing by reading my blog at the Green Smootie Girl Website.  

UPDATE:  April 1, 2008 I have lost 55 pounds  Winter was really hard and I made it through illness and holidays and so forth and have now lost 55 pounds total.   I still credit the  Green Smootie Girl recipes with my new healthy drink.  I also do the Biggest Loser Exercise DVDs and talk to Lisa Druxman, founder of Stroller Strides and author of  Lean Mommy .  The book is GREAT!

UPDATE:  February 1, 2009 Not So Great  In 2008, I had 3 surgeries and kept the weight off until the last one. Since then, I have gained back 20 pounds but am finally feeling like I can get things going again.  The hormone issues are back again and I stopeed drinking Green Smoothies so I am now getting back to them again!  I am using Turbo Jam, a treadmill and some Pilates to get my exercise.  Pray for me!

It is easy for me to forget to take care of myself. I can get away with so little because of my thin size. But I need to think long term and feed my body healthier food and exercise my heart. I always feel I don't have time to exercise, but when I do my mind is sharper and I have more energy to do all those things that are filling my day. So really, I don't have time NOT to exercise. I've got to do it! I love to run, so I'll run for 3 miles, 3 times a week. I will take one of my children with me while they ride a bike or run along with me. I'll focus on having more fruits and vegetables available instead of junk snacks to stave my hunger.

I want to feed my mind more by setting time aside for reading. I have so many books backed up that I want to read, but you know, if a mom sits still for more than 5 minutes she starts to drift off to sleep! I hope the exercise will wake up my mind so I don't fall asleep while reading. I will do this during the daytime so my children see me placing importance on continued learning.

I will continue my current efforts to strengthen my spiritual well- being. I know God wants me to be in good health and will help me accomplish my other goals.


One of my main goals is to learn more about food in general so that I can make better choices.  I am the primary food provider for ten people! And since eight of those people are growing children and teens, I feel especially determined to feed them well.  I want to educate them and establish life-long habits that will serve them as they strive to become whatever they are meant to become.  Also, however, I’d like to lose 30-40 pounds myself so I can get back to “normal” for me after all the years of babies, nursing, moving, graduate school, etc.  I know that as I eat healthfully and exercise I am a very strong and happy wife and mother.  I also want to maintain my spiritual routines and make sure that I am connected to the highest source of help.  I want to put my faith into action as I strive to exercise more self control and secure the brightest future possible for my family.


I am working on bringing balance to my life through sleep and "thinking" about getting into a fitness program.  I recently read Lean Mommy by Lisa Druxman, founder of Stroller Strides and found that her comments were inspiring to me.  I realized that I have to love my body and its magnificance before I can ask it to get into better shape.  So I am working on loving myself and understanding the miracle that is my body.  Thanks Lisa for the great book and inspiration.



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