Our Favorite Products

 These products get our "Squeal" of Approval.  We test these products and use them in our own households.  That's why we know that they are great products.  Many of them were designed by moms just like you!

NOTE: We don't get paid for our reviews.  These are honest, mom reviews from people actually using the products.  If we don't like something we test, it doesn't get our Squeal.

Sign Language Tools

Sign Babies ASL Flash Cards were created by show host Nancy Cadjan when she was signing with her son.  The flash cards include the 100 signs that babies and moms need most.  The flash card pictures help baby learn to recognize common objects, actions, and emotions. Use the cards individually as you learn the signs. Or, make your own personalized book by placing cards in a photo album. The ASL sign and hint on the back side helps you remember the sign. Signs include MILK MORE EAT PLEASE THANK YOU and many more. 


Baby Signing 1, 2, 3: The Easy-to-Use Illustrated Guide to Every Age and Every Stage is the answer to all your signing questions. Learn how to sign with your baby at every age and every stage. This new book covers your child's physical, emotional, mental and linguistic development at every age and how signing fits in to the picture. If you are starting to sign with your baby at 4 months or 14 months, this book tells you how to do it and gives you activities to help you and your baby learn to sign quickly and successfully. Check it out and let Nancy know what you think about her book.

Scrapbooking (Electronic)Buy Now at 25% Off!

 My Memories Suite is the absolute BEST way to scrapbook--And it is CHEAP too! The cost is about what you will spend at the scrapbooking store buying all those cute papers that sit in your drawer while you wait to get your digital pictures printed and write your journal entries for the pages.  Instead, keep it all digital and move your digital pictures right into the templates and tools that My Memories Suite provides.  Then, print them out as single pages or books  or use them to create a custom website, movie that you can send through email or even a DVD (and you can do ALL of that with the same file).  You can even add sound and video to make an interactive and fun memory of your family life.  We did it and we are totally hooked.  

Parenting and Home Management Resources

We can't say enough about Kathy Peel's books and advice.  As America's FamilyKathy Peel Manager, Kathy has appeared on every national  morning news show and shows like Oprah.  She is so kind to come on Babies and Moms and share her wisdom with her.  Tricia keeps her books on her coffee table as a daily resource and we have all learned superb tips from this amazing mother and family manager.  Kathy is the first to admit that she is not naturally good at being organized and that gives us all hope that if she can do it, we can too.  She breaks things down and makes it easy to follow.  And being a great family manager is the fastest way to save your family money in these hard economic times.  

We especially love The Busy Mom's Guide to a Happy Organized Home (see it on the Family Manager website).  It is worth every little penny you pay because you will save that and more in health, happiness, family peace, and money.  Also, check out the worksheets she has on the site to help you do everything--even divide the work with your family members peacefully!  Also, check out the podcasts we have from Kathy by putting Kathy Peel in the Search Engine on the Babies and Moms Podcast Page.  

Shampoo and More

Mama Rose's Naturals Nancy especially loves the La La Baby Wash and Shampoo. Did you know that most shampoo has a nasty chemical in it called laurel sulfate?  It can really bother sensitive baby skin. La La Baby Wash leaves my baby's hair shiny and curly and her scalp looks much better (no cradle cap or eczema!)    Also, Sunshine Spray is a great way to get rid of that diaper smell that sometimes lingers after you change a diaper (Nancy also uses it to refresh Anna's curls in the morning when she can't give her a bath--great hair and a wonderful smell).  Tricia is a huge fan of Melody Lotion too. We are all trying this because of her recommendation.  And just so you know, the woman who makes all these products is REALLY named Rosetta and she makes them herself--really. And she uses the best ingredients.  This stuff is really good! We buy it by the case!

Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is Shelly's favorite soap for keeping her hands from chapping.  She loved it more than all the other soaps we tested. And why shouldn't shee?  It is pure castile soap with our favorite shea butter in it and has NO foaming agents (lauryl sulfate which is incredibly bad for you and your baby).  It uses a unique bottle to get the foaming action going.  This is NOT TEAR FREE because tear free formulas just anesthetize the eyes and really still irritate.   The smell is different because it is an orange citris so if you don't like that smell, steer clear.  It is also really good to help with cradle cap (like Mama Rose's).  

Bibs and Other Food Things

OopC! is Nancy's pick for the best bib. The absorbent material, large size and easy side snap make this the only bib I use.  After trying every bib on the planet and thinking I could never be happy, this bib is a DREAM! It covers enough to keep my baby clean.  Oh, and it ALSO doubles as a burp cloth (something I really needed with a baby with acid reflux--can you say upchuck?  As a burp cloth, it covers the shoulder and even down the back (which is where the acid reflux often ends since it shoots out).  Check it out.  Nancy has tried dozens of bibs--no  joke, but she LOVES this one (that is Anna wearing hers in the picture).  

Piggy Platter Nancy Loves the Piggy Platter because it is the most versitile placemat that she has ever used--and she has used it for the past 4 years--everyday!  The Piggy Platter means less mess, quick clean-up and a great education. It goes way beyond the typical placemat: it contains the mess and can be personalized and updated with Platter Pix, the child’s own art and more (anything goes under the platter and can be seen so it is the best learning place).  Nancy's son uses it to draw on and he even learned how to write his letters, do math and more on it because it also doubles as a white board on the table.  Bet your placemat can't do that.   It cleans up fast and teaches.  It is the way best thing that ever came to the table!

Stuff on the GO: Diaper Bags, Slings and Such

We love PureWorks Antibacterial Foam as the only hand sanitizer we use in our diaper bag and in our homes.  This sanitizer does not use alcohol and is totally safe even if your baby ingests it.  And one other plus is that after it dries, it still fights germs and it doesn't dry your hands out; so fewer cracks.  Check it out.  PureWorks Antibacterial Foam is FDA compliant as a First Aid Antiseptic and will not create antibodies. PureWorks offers many other Antibacterial products that are great for babies and moms alike.

ImStillMe diaper bag is our pick for the best-organized and best-looking bag. The satelite bag for diapers and the cool pockets make it our favorite. It has a place to put your keys so they don't get lost and even includes a cute photo holder. And it doesn't look like a diaper bag. Can we say enough about how much we like the changing pad and the pockets in the bag? Probably not and you won't appreciate them until you try them. We carry enough stuff for two kids in the bag! There are three colors, two styles and lots of accent fabrics to choose from. Check them out.


won our hearts and saved our backs as we tested different slings and baby carriers.  We did an entire segment on slings, but as hosts, we all loved this sling. Slinglings are stylish, comfortable pouch style baby slings. Pouch slings are suitable for babies from birth to approximately 35 lbs. We make our baby carriers out of a variety of fun stretch cotton fabrics. Select fabrics now available with leg padding, to cushion a baby's legs in the hip carry. It is so cool that your husband won't mind wearing it (but since it is a pouch style, it is not adjustable so you might need to get two different sizes.  

  Shoes and So Forth for Legs

Robeez shoes were created by a mom who sold them out of her basement for a long time.  The weird name is like Rob, her son's name, and Ease together.  We liked these shoes because they stay on the feet and can't get pulled off even by Anna--the hardest thing on shoes and socks in the world.  We tried some knock-offs we bought at Target, but they did not stay on.  Kiera loves walking in them because she doesn't slip on the hardwood floors.  The leather bottoms grip great and help her stay up better than the grippy bottoms on some socks. Thumbs up all around.  They are pricey and watch out for sizing if your baby's foot is on the small side or the large side (buy a pair with an extra 1/2 in in the top so your baby doesn't grow out of them too quickly).  SIZES: 0-6 month is a size 1-2, 6-12 months is a size 3-4, 12-18 months is a size 5-6

pediped footwear was created by a mom and dad team after searching for the perfect soft- soled shoe for their daughter, Caroline. Having heard of the benefits of soft-soled shoes, they wanted a comfortable shoe that was easy to put on, yet stylish. pediped™ footwear combines everything they were looking for. And a lot of moms feel the same way.  We've been trying them out for months and no matter where we go, other moms come up to us and say, "Don't you just love those shoes?"  Obviously, these are some great treats for baby feets!

NOTE:  Kelly Sue says "Henry loves his pedipeds, but he doesn't walk yet.  His foot is so wide that I have had trouble finding shoes I can get on and off him.   The pedipeds work GREAT for wide feet."

Squeaker Sneakers are the most fun shoes on the planet!   If you can imagine your child walking around with a cute squeak in their step, you can imagine how cute these shoes are.  But they are also fashionable and functional.  The shoes are good quality and Squeaker Sneakers carries tons of styles (the owners of the company are moms and do this business from home).  They are functional because you always know where your child is and if your child is hesitant to walk, the squeak will get them going!  It worked for Anna who did not walk until she was 18 months old.  Therapy did not work but the Squeaker Sneakers did.  And the best thing is that now that she is walking, we always know where she is.  When we go to the store, people love to hear her squeaking and we get lots of fun comments (and we can take the squeakers out for quiet functions like church).  Silly girl has now learned to walk on her tippy toes when she wants to sneak somewhere that she doesn't want us to know about!  Kids really are amazing.  

See Kai Run was inspired by the need for comfortable shoes with flexible soles for the creator's  little son Kai to wear outdoors. This mom  wanted to create a line of shoes that was as happening as Kai - bold, hip, fun, with an urban sensibility. Something entirely different than what was offered. She has met the challenge and then some.  See Kai Run shoes are more expensive than other shoes but they last way longer.  The way they are created, your child will be able to wear them longer--through two or three size growths.   So that makes these shoes comfortable and affordable.  Tricia loves these shoes!

NOTE:  See Kai Run Shoes have received the APMA Awards Children’s Footwear Seal of Acceptance.

BabyLegs Leg Warmers are totally cute and Anna loves them so much she wants to wear them over her jammies. These are not the Flash Dance Fuzzy leg warmers--they are like sweaters for the legs and the cute factor is amazing.  And besides, her legs are warm--even in a cute dress or over thin pants. Check out the tons of styles they have.  They even have cool ones with flames for boys.  So Check them OUT! UPDATE:  We have a couple of pairs and we get so many great comments on them!  The great thing is as your child grows, you don't need to get other cute tights--I just purchase 1 set of white and one of cream and then use these as the cute factor. So adorable!

Hair Clips Hats and Clothes

giddygiddy was created by an investment analyst turned craftaholic mom who says it was her desperate need to tame her new daughter's unwieldy Mohawk with something cool, quirky, and fun that started the giddygiddy experience. These clips are equally adorable and functional and stay on even the thinnest hair. Tricia and Nancy can't get enough of these clips and have them in tons of styles.


ZOONI is the CUTEST hat on the PLANET!  We can't say enough about this hat.  Even Spencer who would NOT be caught dead in a hat loves this hat.  He has the Puppy Love hat that is pictured here.  We also love the Firecracker, Flower Power and Kate in Moss hats.  They are warm and cute and just the best OOOH factor we have seen.  Check them out!  

If you live where it is cold, check out Warmsies.  They are made of a magical fabric that keeps your child warm while keeping them from sweating.  But that is not it.  They have totally cute fabrics on the neck and legs so that it's not an issue if they peek out from under the clothes.  Nancy loves the Zebra fabric and loves how it looks with black pants.  Check these out to keep kids warm when outside without being uncomfortable. 

Comfy Crawlers are the ingenious creation of a wildlife biologist turned stay-at-home mom.  She had an Aha! Moment (we love that) when she was crawling with her kids that if her knees hurt, theirs probably did too. She looked for padded pants and couldn't find any.  So, she created Comfy Crawlers and made the world safe for crawling babies everywhere (maybe she should have made herself a set too).  These pants are made by moms and grandmas in the US so they benefit not only your baby's knees, but also the women of America. Aren't Moms just the BEST!   WE ARE SO AHEAD OF THE CURVE--Comfy Crawlers were featured in Costco Connection the month after we featured them!  We know the best products!


The Obuba Nursing Cover is the solution of a smart mom looking for something to solve more than one issue. When the mothers who developed Obuba were nursing their first children, they recognized a huge need for a product that would allow them to breastfeed in public.  As mothers on-the-go they decided to create a product that would compliment their lifestyle and protect the privacy of their child. The design is simple enough that you can wear it anywhere and not cause attention.  It is functional so that you can use it for many different tasks with your baby, eliminating the need for more items in you diaper bag--a blanket, a car seat cover and a shade.  It is also very stylish and DANG cute.  Even those of us not nursing wanted one.  The colors compliment any setup with fashion forward color combinations and trim options.  No one will know it is a nursing cover.

Our friend Stephanie tested the Cheri nursing pillow and says that it is so wonderful. "I had forgotten what it was like nursing without it until one night I went to reach for it, and it was gone.  I had to endure a nursing session without it, and let me tell you, I missed it. The pillow not only keeps my arm from getting tired, but keeps the baby up close and comfortable.  I love its shape, and firmness."  So we are not tiny women--except for Shelly--and we always hated having to squish in to those traditional boppy-like pillows.  But not using one is worse.  So we say Hallelujah for women with more than 10 pounds on their bones.  This pillow is also great for women with a C-section.  We also have personal experience with that and pillows.  It was really painful.  This helps so much!

 Wet Bag

The MiniMe Baby Gear Wet Happened bag is the best thing we've tried for the blow-outs and other wet and messy things that happens with babies.  It’s made with thick cotton outer material (that is a VERY cute print), then lined with a Polyurethane Laminate, called Baby Dry. Because we received these in the early part of spring to test, we weren’t quite sure how we were going to use them.  TRICIA:  I started using mine as a bag for dirty cloths that I would have used in place of a Ziploc bag. The inner material is great for storing used diapers, wet clothing, or bathing suits.  NANCY:  I never have blowouts with Anna, so I never used mine until swimming lessons for Anna and Alex started and now it is my best friend.  Best of all, these wet bags are washable, reusable, environmentally friendly, and a fashionable way to store wet items while keeping your diaper bag dry. Not just for kids- great for adult bathing suits as well. 

UPDATE:  This bag is really great for potty training and having to package up all those soiled clothes!

Blankets and Bedding

A friend whose 3 month old baby was having a very hard time sleeping at night was one of our guinea pigs for the Burrito Baby Blanket. Even though she is a mother of 4, she had not learned how to train her babies to sleep through the night.  "I was going back to work at night and quite nervous that my husband was going to be up with my baby all night.  I was introduced to the Burrito Baby blanket and theory, and although skeptical, it worked that very first night!  A first for us, and I was sold.  I am so happy and so is my husband!  I only wish we would have had something for my other 3 children when they were babies."   Additionally, Nancy has been trained by Jami to help her get Anna to sleep through the night.  You can check out the info about how successful it was in our podcasts and blog.  Anna is now sleeping through the night so well!  We would recommend Burrito Baby and anything Jami Kent teaches whole-heartedly.

OUR SUPER DUPER FAVORITE!!!  I'm sure you have been there and can relate.  The other day I went to get my little girl up from her nap only to find a complete and utter blowout awaiting me!  Even though I still dread the clean-up, I have found a diamond in the rough!  QuickZip Sheets by www.cloudsandstars.com .  A mom-made baby item that REALLY makes life easy!  You just zip the soiled top off and zip a new one on.  No heavy lifting of the mattress or removal of the bumper pad required.  It?s easy, not to mention very cute at the same time.  In the past I have used products that have the same concept but nothing that actually looks good too!  Three cheers for QuickZip Sheets!!!  (Since we had recent illnesses in our houses lately, we LOVE these sheets and have found them to be an incredible blessing when dealing with the mess in the bed thanks to stomach bugs!)

Cleaning Tools

Quick N  Brite is Nancy's FAVORITE stain remover hands down.  It really gets out the most amazing things including blackberries, blueberries, pen, blood, grape juice and more.  No Joke! It is amazing and REALLY works.  

Toys and Books

Zoobie Pets was created by two brothers who wanted to create something cool and cuddly for both kids and parents.  Zoobie is the answer.  It is a plush pet, a pillow and a blanket in one.  We tested them and the COOL factor was definitely there.  The pets are so cute that you can't help but hug them.  Then, you can open them up and turn them in a pillow.  If you want, you can zip them open and take out a soft blankie (Anna sleeps with her blankie every night).  Kids like them different ways: Shelly's kids love the blanket the most; Nancy's kids also love the blankie but like the Zoobies fully stuffed so they can carry them around (use another pillow to stuff it again if you take the blankie out); Stacey's kids use it as a pillow.  The new Zoo Pets collection has some great animals to add to the Safari Collection.   Tricia says the orangutan sheds. 

We can't say enough about how amazing the Custom Made for Kids books are. You create a custom book for your child using information from your family, home, neighborhood and so forth.  This is an amazing book to give to any child and is destined to become a family heirloom and a snapshot of your life together.  


Toilet Training

FlipNFlush has been a lifesaver for a few of our hosts and many of our listeners as we gave away over 40 seats! Tricia says the best thing about this product is that it helps your child to potty train without the fear of falling.  It was really easy to install and it comes in 5 different fun kid colors!  And you don’t have to empty a potty seat since it is attached to your toilet! Shelly reports that even though she was not able to attach the seat like it should be, it still helped her daughter to get over the fear of the hole and and learn to use the big potty.


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