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The only show on the Internet specifically designed to bring important information to moms of babies from birth to three years of age, Babies and Moms is dedicated to bringing resources to moms when they need them most. Babies and Moms broadcasts each week on our website and in several other locations.  Each show is archived and listed in iTunes. Experts share ideas to make the mothering experience better and less stressful with focus on baby health, family life, baby development, and baby gear that works (or doesn’t). The show is packed with practical tips and ideas moms can use right away like which socks actually stay on baby feet, how to make homemade baby food, how to take an accurate temperature, and how a baby changes the family dynamics. National experts and celebrities appear on Babies and Moms regularly sharing important information moms need. 

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There is more than one way to listen to the show so you can listen at your computer, listen on your iPod, and listen where ever you go.

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Got a story idea or a question you want the answer to, contact us! We really want to know what our listeners need to know about.  If you have a product or service you want us to cover, contact us too.  Depending on the situation, we may need to test your product before we talk about it.  We don't want to recommend things we would not use ourselves.

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Share information about your innovative and practical products on Babies and Moms. Each show broadcasts limited commercial content for products that are aligned with the Babies and Moms mission to inform moms and make life easier during the first three years. Additionally, Babies and Moms hosts test and comment on products they are using with their children. Share your products with us.   Contact Nancy for more information.

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